V6 Conversions offer conversion kits to allow the fitting of Commodore V6 engines and T700 4 speed automatic transmission. To comply with Australian emission laws the new engine must have been manufactured the same year or later than the vehicle. The engine must also have all of the emission components connected, including the catalytic converter. The engine must also be run on unleaded fuel or LPG.
In Australia an Engineer’s report is required after the conversion has been completed. Contact your local RTA office for a list of Engineers.


The kit is designed to allow the use of airconditioning and power steering, you use the Commodore power steering pump and the Commodore A/C pump and adapt the lines. The transfer case can remain in its original position. You use the Commodore engine mounts rubbers with our weld on engine mount brackets.

You will need to obtain the following components –

* The Commodore V6 engine complete with the main engine wiring harness, the ECM computer and memcal. Other accessories such as the map sensor, purge canister, air cleaner & ducting, airconditioning compressor & power steering pump, engine pipes & catalytic converter, external fuel pump & damper. The Series One engines have two crankshaft bolt patterns and starter motor types, the manual transmission type and the automatic transmission type. For this reason they are not interchangeable. However, Series Two and later engines have the same crankshaft so they can be converted from automatic to manual by fitting a flywheel and changing the memcal. This only applies to VN and VP engines, VR and later engines have different computers and wiring looms for automatic and manual.

The standard Commodore in tank, fuel pump cannot be used. We recommend you use an external EFI Commodore V6/V8 pump ( Ashdowns part no: BFP070 ).

You can leave your original fuel tank in place by using an EFI fuel pump and modifying the filler neck by way of a return line and restrictor so it will only accept an UNLEADED nozzle, or you can fit a filler neck from the later model.

The Commodore does not have an engine driven fan and the Commodore electric fan and shroud will not fit in the engine bay. An electric fan is required, we recommend that you use a Davies Craig DC16 or similar.

The wiring kit we have available covers from the VN – VY. It comes in 2 parts, the under bonnet loom with all the relays and fuses and the under dash loom which incorporates an engine trouble light. The wiring kit plugs into the original engine and gearbox loom leaving only 6 wires to be tapped into your vehicles original loom, which are – alternator light, oil light, temp light or gauge, ignition, starter & tacho. Our speedo kit comes in 2 forms, an in line speed sensor that fits the T700 or T5 and your original cable to suit VN – VP, or an electronic speedo from VR – VY instillations.


* transfer case adaptor or bellhousing
* sump & oil pickup
* engine mount kit
* wiring kit

* bcm
* speedo kit
* fitting instructions