V6 Conversions offer kits that allow the fitting of the Holden Commodore VN through to VY V6 engines.To comply with Australian emission laws the new engine must have been manufactured the same year or later than the vehicle. The engine must also have all of the emission components connected, including the catalytic converter. The engine must also be run on unleaded fuel or LPG.

In Australia an Engineers report is required after the conversion has been completed. Contact your local RTA office for a list of Engineers.

Based on the success of the Commodore V6 engine conversion into the Hilux / 4 Runner vehicles, V6 Conversions have adapted a similar kit for use in the Bundera where the standard transmission can be retained in its original position. The Commodore V6 transplant offers more torque, power and as the engine runs an efficiently managed fuel injection system delivers excellent fuel economy.


The bellhousing has been designed to space the engine away from the firewall in order to clear the throttle body at the rear of the V6 engine. The original 5 speed is not moved, therefore no firewall modifications, repositioning of the gearbox or tailshaft modifications are required.

The clutch is coupled to the gearbox by a special gearbox input extension shaft. It has the GM spigot diameter with external spline on the engine end and Toyota spigot diameter with external spline on the gearbox end.

The bellhousing allows the standard V6 GM clutch pressure plate with a V8 clutch disc to be used on the V6 flywheel. The V8 clutch disc provides less shudder due to the clutch plate having stronger centre springs.

The thrust bearing and extension carrier supplied in the kit slides over the gearbox nose cone and will allow the Bundera clutch fork to be used with the new pivot supplied in the kit. The extension carrier is also supported by the new bellhousing.


The left hand chassis mounting uses the standard GM engine bracket a new wedge bracket the Bundera mounting rubber and a new chassis bracket. This design allows the use of the standard GM air-conditioning compressor if required. The new bracket is welded to the chassis.

The right engine mounting bracket bolts to the Commodore V6 engine block and fits the Bundera mounting rubber and chassis post.


A new modified engine sump is required for the conversion. V6 Conversions manufacture a new sump/oil pan designed to give legal differential and steering arm clearance. The oil pan fits in front of the differential housing and the steering arm linkages.


The 3 core radiator is large enough to keep the Commodore engine cool in normal conditions. However in hot climates when towing with the air-conditioning in use a heavy duty radiator is recommended.


The Commodore engine does not have a engine driven cooling fan, an electric fan must be used for the conversion.


Commodore VR, VS, VT and VY engine management computers require a stream of data to be sent to them from the body control module prior to starting the engine. This is part of the vehicles anti-theft system. V6 Conversions have available a BCM Simulator for VR – VS and VT – VY


You will need to obtain the following components.

The Commodore V6 engine, complete with the main engine wiring harness, the ECM computer and memcal. If you are using a VS or VY engine you will require the body control module. Other accessories such as the map sensor, purge canister, air cleaner and ducting, air-conditioning compressor and power steering pump, engine pipes and catalytic converter.

If you intend fitting the Commodore V6 to a Bundera 5 speed gearbox you must make sure that the engine you obtain was fitted with a manual transmission.

The Series One engines have two crankshaft bolt patterns and starter motor types, the manual transmission type and the automatic transmission type. For this reason they are not interchangeable.

However Series Two and later engines have the same crankshaft so they can be converted from automatic to manual by fitting a flywheel and changing the memcal.

This only applies to VN and VP engines, VR and later engines have different computers and wiring looms for automatic and manual.


* bellhousing adaptor

* engine mount kit

* speedo kit

* wiring kit

* bcm

* sump & oil pickup

* fitting instructions


If you have any further questions not covered in our information sheet please contact as for further information.