V6 Conversions have developed a conversion kit that allows the instillation of the Holden Commodore V8 5.0ltr EFI to the above vehicles. The kit is designed to replace the original grey motor & gearbox. The kit is designed to take the T700 or T5 gearbox. There is some cutting and welding required in the gearbox tunnel area. The instillation is carried out with the use of a HR cross member.


We use a remanufactured rear mounted rack & pinion from a VB-VK Commodore which comes in our kit complete from tie rod end to tie rod end with all mounting brackets & bolts and instructions. With this steering kit you can use HR disc brakes or HQ-WB stub axles and brakes or we can offer you a stub axle that will accept VN-VP brake assembly.

The steering column used is up to the individual, in our instruction sheet we give you the measurements to convert the column or we have an exchange unit available.


It is up to the individual on which diff combination to run. However, we have available a VN-VT diff assembly that comes complete from disc to disc with Commodore stud pattern as a bolt in unit, or we can convert your own VN-VT diff to suit.


We have covered part of the brakes in the steering, we have found the best combination is to use a brake booster from a VB-VK Commodore mounted to the firewall (the mounting bracket is supplied in our kit). You can either use the VB master cylinder or a VN master cylinder. This combination can be used with HR discs and drum or HQ-WB or VN-VP.


In our conversion kit we supply you with a gearbox cross member and tunnel. We use a heavy duty cross member which is secured in place with 6 bolts. The gearbox tunnel is replaced.


The wiring kit we have available covers from VN-VS, it comes in 2 parts, the under bonnet loom with all relays and fuses and the under dash loom which incorporates an engine trouble light. This wiring kit plugs into the original V8 engine and gearbox loom leaving only 6 wires to be tapped into your vehicles original loom, which are –      

alternator light, oil light, temp light, ignition, starter & tacho.


Our speedo kit comes in 2 forms, an inline speed sensor and cable to suit VN-VP or an electronic speedo for VR-VY instillation.


An Engineers report is required after the conversion has been completed, contact your local RTA office for a list of Engineers in your district.

Requirements for Engineering are that seat belts must be fitted plus a heater demister.

You will need to obtain the following components –

* The Commodore V8 engine complete with the main engine wiring harness, the ECM computer and memcal. Other accessories such as the map sensor, purge canister, air cleaner & ducting, engine pipes & catalytic converter, external fuel pump & damper, gearbox & gearbox wiring harness and gearshift assembly


* rear mounted rack & pinion steering kit ( exchange rack )

* sump & oil pickup ( exchange HQ type )

* engine mounts & posts

* gearbox cross member

* gearbox tunnel

* speedo kit

* bcm

* wiring kit

* brake booster kit

* a set of instructions