Independent Frontend

V6 Conversions have developed a new Independent Front Suspension to replace the original front suspension on FX through to HR vehicles. It bolts into the original position using the original bolts. Our Frontend comes complete except for stub axles & brakes, you use VR-VS stub axles and brakes from VR through to VZ Commodore and a power rack from VN-VS Commodore or for manual steering use a VL manual rack.

The Frontend is fully adjustable with the wheel alignment specs being VS Commodore. We do a variety of Frontend versions to suit V6 & V8 engines, the early Chev engine, the LS1 and also the original 6 cylinder engines. It uses the standard V6 or V8 sump and the original 6 cylinder using the standard EH sump.

Our New Frontend gives you a much better driving performance than the old original frontend. The wheel track has been narrowed to allow for more guard clearance and it is to run a Commodore offset wheel. You are able to run up to 18 x 8 wheels.

The Engineers Report is available to view or print from the link below.

If you require any further information please give us a call 0267511243 or email us at

Independent Rear Suspension

Our Independent Rear Suspension is designed to replace the old rear suspension on FX through to HR vehicles.

The Rear Suspension uses VE Commodore diff components and it comes complete from disc to disc ready to bolt into your original spring hangers. Sheet metal work is supplied for the modifications required to the inner boot for clearance of the suspension. You can up to 18 x 8 wheels with a P40/42 offset.

The Rear Suspension is fully adjustable and Engineered for all states in Australia.

An optional extra to suit the New Frontend

Rack End Kit

which comes with –

* Tie Rod Ends

* Rack Ends

* Boot and Clamps