V6 Conversions offer conversion kits to allow the fitting of Commodore V6 EFI engines to the V6 4 Runner. You can use the standard 5 speed transmission or alternatively the Commodore 700R-4 or 4L60-E 4 speed automatic transmission.


The Commodore V6 engine can be adapted to the Hilux 4WD 5 speed gearbox. The bell housing has been designed to space the engine away from the firewall in order to clear the V6 throttle body located at the rear of the intake manifold. There are no firewall modifications BUT re positioning of the transmission or drive shaft modifications are required.

The clutch is coupled to the gearbox by a special gearbox input extension shaft. It has the GM spigot diameter with external spline on the engine end and Toyota spigot diameter with internal spline on the gearbox end.

The bell housing allows the standard V6 GM clutch pressure plate with a V8 clutch disc to be used on the V6 flywheel. The V8 clutch disc provides less clutch shudder due to the clutch plate having stronger centre springs.

The slave cylinder will need to be sleeved down to 16mm or 5/8” diameter, as the Commodore clutch requires more travel for proper operation.


V6 Conversions have available transfer case adaptor kits to fit GM Turbo 700R-4 and 4L60-E automatic transmissions to Hilux 4WD chain driven transfer cases.

The transfer case adaptor housing replaces the automatic transmission extension housing. The adaptor housing then fits to the transfer case using the original Toyota bolts. The housing has mounting provision for the Hilux 4WD hi-low lever.

The automatic transmission will need to be disassembled. The main output shaft is removed and replaced with one supplied in the adaptor kit. This output shaft has a new spline to connect to the Hilux 4WD coupling sleeve found on the main shaft of the 4 or 5 speed gearbox 4 cylinder models.

The engine mount brackets have been designed to bolt to the engine block and the chassis mounts to be welded onto the Toyota chassis. This bracket kit utilises the Toyota engine mounting rubbers.

The 3 core diesel radiator is large enough to keep the Commodore engine cool. The 2 row petrol radiator is too small and must be replaced. The Commodore engine does not have an engine driven cooling fan, an electric fan must be used for the conversion.

Commodore VR, VS, VT and VY engine management computers require a stream of data to be sent to them from the body control module prior to starting the engine. V6 Conversions can supply Body Control Simulators which take care of the anti-theft.


The tacho interface will make operative the tachometer by converting the pulses received from the V6 DFI module.


* sump & oil pickup

* engine mount kit

* bellhousing adaptor

* wiring kit

* bcm

* speedo kit

* steering dampner kit

* fitting instructions


If you have any further questions not covered in this information sheet please contact us for further information.